Monday, April 17, 2017

LCHF - Diet and Exercise 2.0 by Ted Naiman

I'm starting this blog off with what I consider to be one of the BEST WEBSITES for newbies to the Low Carb High Fat world - BURN FAT NOT SUGAR.

Dr. Ted Naiman, based out of Seattle, is someone who clearly defines what the LCHF movement is all about. I can tell he is passionate about helping his patients and many followers on Twitter and Facebook overcome the debilitating obstacles of modern eating - namely the damage done by excessive consumption of carbohydrates. (wheat being the leader of the pack)

I had the good fortune of finding this website back in July 2015 when I was on a mission to help my then 83 year old mother, a 20 year diabetic, deal with unchecked weight gain, increased insulin dependency and a sense of complete and utter helplessness with the current medical recommendations by her specialist.

Enter in Low Carb High Fat (LCHF)... and almost 2 years later my mother is no longer dependent on insulin, has lost 27 lbs and enjoys many of the simple pleasures she was sure were lost to her forever - her mind being one of those things. She's as sharp as a tack and raring to go.

Please visit today and change your life forever.

A note about the website - it is one of the easiest sites to navigate, literally start a the left of the navigational bar at the top of the website and visit each page to fully benefit from Dr. Naiman's comprehensive and colourful introduction to the world of LCHF - and a world of lasting good health.

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  1. I am trying to follow the low starch diet for my AS. It does help. I am not taking any medication for it right now. Where it gets tricky is my husband has chronic kidney disease and was just diagnosed with IgA nephropathy, which is pretty much chronic inflammation of his kidneys and it was not caught as early as it should have and the result is low functioning kidneys. The renal diet is going to get tricky once they decide to actually put him on that because so many foods he loves, he shouldn't have. And he hates water. But, on that diet, you give up a lot of protein and things with fat and replace with certain carbs. I have no idea how this is going to go. You can lead a man to healthy stuff, but you can't make him eat.

    1. Hi Ruth, thanks for stopping by. I hope you, and your husband, take a little time and scope out - you will be quite amazed.

      As to your husband's chronic kidney disease, I've attached a link to an excellent site which will give you some insights on the positive impact of LCHF eating when dealing with kidney disease. I think your husband will be pleased to know he will still be able to enjoy wonderful satisfying fats and proteins, and will possibly see some benefit as well.

      I will do further research and see what comes up on kidneys and LCHF. Suffice it to say our bodies are meant to AVOID carbohydrates and many of our modern day illnesses can be directly linked to the increase in refined carbohydrates, in particular things made of GMO wheat, and high fructose corn syrup.

      In the meantime copy and paste this link into your search engine and give it a read:

      Good luck, Jenny

    2. Jenny, his kidneys are at 30-40% so watching his protein is probably good. When he was eating less carbs, he replaced them with proteins like nuts and cheese. Sometimes I get confused what is considered fat and what is considered protein cause eggs are both to me and I have read that they would be fats. Same with avocados. They aren't just fats to me but are considered so. I am really going to have to do my research on that. He does eat gluten, but not much since I can not have it so all meals eaten together contain nada.
      I would appreciate anything you find in regards to healthy eating for him.

    3. Well, first off, get him to look at Dr. Ted's website - I can't stress enough how important it is to get a handle on what to eat for optimal health overall.

      That's the first place to start. Also Dr. Ted really helps with understanding FATS, and how they work in the system.

      A book that is worth reading is GUT by Giulia Enders (I feature her on the right side under the heading "Excellent talks to learn from"). I read it and then re-read it, probably the most powerful book on understanding how our gut works, from mouth to anus. It immediately changed my outlook toward probiotics. Which, if you and your husband are not using, I can't stress enough how important they are for full body harmony and health. If you want more info on probiotics I will be happy to share what I've learned.

      As you may recall, from my 2016 A-Z posts over at Pearson Report, I was diagnosed with PBC (Primary Biliary Cholangitis) back in Feb 2014, well, last year my liver scan was not good, 8.1, which is the start of scarring. One year later, after seriously researching good saturated fats, and probiotics, my scan (on April 11th) was 6.1, back to being a healthy liver. My liver enzymes equally are excellent. I attribute much of this to LCHF and PROBIOTICS.

      Anyway, I will see what else I can send your way to read. I am a research junkie :) :) so it's no inconvenience to do it - in fact, I love uncovering the hidden layers of knowledge buried by the likes of Ancel Keys, the guy who changed the course of eating in America. Google him - it's scary how powerful and persuasive he was, and the damage he did with his unproven diet/heart hypothesis.

    4. I have read about Ancel Keys. I like getting my probiotics from fermented foods, which my husband does not like. The whole foods vitamins I buy for him contain probiotics. My husband just misses the crap foods. I don't. But, he got put on Predisone cause of all the inflammation in his kidneys and he was told to really watch his salt and how much he eats. No salt limit was given, just told him to pay attention to his body. I don't use much processed food at all, but I do buy a few things and I was looking and salt and plenty. He is not worried about it in the cereal or mayonnaise. I cook with sea salt, but store bought is the crappier kind. I will check out that site.


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